About us

Short Story About Our Agency

We are a digital advertising agency based on Cape Town, working with South Africa. We specialize in digital analytics, supported by web design, search engine optimization and B2B advertising.

Digietal.co.za is a media platform for Digi Etal Inc. Its name is unique and was derived from our core services which are digital solutions. Digi – stands for Digital

Etal, a latin word which means “and others“. It speaks about other services that we provide in our portfolio. We run diverse digital marketing services

Our focus is your business goals

Our aim is, at least to meet expectations of our clients and customers. However, our desire is to surpass expectations of our clients and customers, through Superior customer services and measurable outcomes and deliverables.
Customer Support
Customer Support
We make it our mission to respond to all inquiries from our clients promptly. We go the extra mile to meet needs of our clients, as diverse as they are. Our mandate is to serve growth & development needs of our clients businesses
Skilled Team
Skilled Team
We take our clients seriously and their businesses. As such our members undergo training in order to be skilled and trained in latest tools and strategies. We take certification & training seriously
Advisory Services
Advisory Services
While most of our clients know what they want to achieve, not all are knowledgeable about how to achieve such goals. We are ethically obliged to give professional advise and guidance

Our Vision

Our vision is to see SMEs to grow to be profitable by maximizing on affordable digital advertising opportunities. This is driven by our belief that SMEs are the lifeline of sustainable local business growth and industry development

Our Valuable Clients

We value all our clients equally. We dont treat our clients based on the value of their account. The rationale is each business can be a big business tomorrow. As such we treat our clients with due respect, unconditionally.