Google Advertising

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One great advantage of Google ads is that it allows you to compete o same level with established businesses.

Google ads help you to reach new markets, engage new clientele and build your brand in the market. Google ads allows you to advertise on various platforms that include:

Google ads

MC Matiza Media Associates helps you to grow your business, be it a startup or established business. Our Google ads services provide three cores services on three major platforms

Search Engine Marketing

The beauty of SMM - Search Engine Marketing is ability to reach in-market clients, those looking for particular products or services

Google Display Marketing

Google's display network consists of Google publisher sites and network members. Advantage is ability to reach wider audience

Google Shopping

Google shopping is a no brainier for anyone selling consumer products. It helps you display your products and manage inventory

YouTube advertising
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YouTube Advertising

One of the reasons you should consider YouTube marketing is its affordability, in terms of cost per view and clicks. It is great option to build brand awareness and to engage wider audience in your target market. 

Google has also made it effective by providing advertisers a tariff system based on value views and clicks. This means you will only be charged when an ad has been verified as valid view or click.

Search Engine Marketing

Google is undoubtebly the largest search engine and more than 80% of advertising happens on Google search engine and its partners. Make use of this platform to grow your business

Reach to new clients who are in search for your specific products or services at that particular moment and increase chances of getting a sale. start your camapign with us.

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